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At Goodwyn Herrera Solicitors, we understand the complexity and the stakes involved in commercial leasing in London. With over 15 years of experience in business law and an intimate understanding of commercial transactions, we provide bespoke legal advice that’s not just thorough but also personalised to your unique business needs.

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Your London Commercial
Lease Checklist

Embarking on a commercial lease? Ensure you’re fully informed about the key terms:
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Our Proven Process

You accept a commercial lease offer
We obtain the lease pack from the landlord's solicitors
We meticulously review all documents, from the lease to title plans
You receive a clear overview of our findings and lease terms
We handle enquiries and resolve issues with the landlord's solicitors

Post Completion

We manage all post-completion tasks, including registering leases over seven years with HMLR and advising on SDLT liabilities.

Understanding Stamp Duty (SDLT) in London

Navigating SDLT is crucial when dealing with commercial leases in London. We demystify the process, helping you understand your financial commitments.

Why Do I Need a Solicitor?

A London commercial lease creates complex legal obligations. Our role is to guide you through these obligations and ensure that technical, post-completion tasks are handled with the utmost professionalism. With Goodwyn Herrera Solicitors, you’re not just getting legal advice in London; you’re getting a partner invested in your business success.

About Goodwyn Herrera Solicitors

As a boutique law firm recognised by the SRA (ID 808713), we bring a personal touch to the corporate and commercial legal landscape. Our fixed-fee services are designed to be clear and accessible so you know exactly what to expect. Let our proactive, detail-oriented approach to legal advice be the cornerstone of your business dealings.

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For a consultation on your commercial lease, our team is ready to provide the legal services you need in London.

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