About us

About us

We are an experienced firm with the added personal touch

Whatever your legal employment law need, we are your one stop service for all your law and legal related matters. Our team of employment law solicitors have over 20 years’ experience in the legal sector.

We work with clients from all walks of life and all backgrounds with the sole aim of getting our clients the results that they deserve.

Whatever your business sector, or you working background, our solicitors will work tirelessly for you and will support your case every step of the way

Our solicitors handle your case with care, compassion and professionalism

As lawyers we fully understand how mentally straining and worrying litigation can be for both business owners and individuals. We will always treat you and your case with the maximum amount of care and consideration. 

We will never over burden you with incomprehensible jargon. We will communicate with you in a manner of courtesy, professionalism and respect while also handling your case with dedication and precision. We are one of the best Law firms in the UK.

Get in touch with us

At Goodwyn Herrera we are experienced in providing employment law advice to businesses. Our clear and practical advice is designed with your business success and commercial objectives in mind. If you would like to speak to an expert employment solicitor, call us on 020 8187 6495 or email us at enquiries@gwhsolicitors.co.ukto make a free no-obligation enquiry.